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Pest Control for Los Angeles & Orange County

Since 1984, Associated Exterminators has provided a complete range of extermination and remediation services as they relate to pest control. Los Angeles and the surrounding communities depend on our team’s expertise in controlling ants, cockroaches, termites, bedbugs, earwigs, rodents, and other common (and not-so-common pests).

Helmed by a third-generation pest control expert, the Associated Exterminators team can can quickly and effectively eliminate your pest issues. We can also recommend a service plan to ensure pests don’t get out of control in the future.

Have a problem with termites, earwigs, or other pests? We’re here to solve it — fast. Contact Associated Exterminators and make your pest issue a thing of the past. Our team serves homes and managed properties throughout Orange County.

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Fumigation Services

Fumigation is often the preferred method of eliminating hard-to-treat pests. Depending on
the location and the severity of the pest issue, we may perform fumigation in a
room, attic, crawlspace, or even the whole home by way of an exterior
fumigation “tent” constructed of a vinyl-coated nylon tarpaulin.

If we determine fumigation is the right approach to take in controlling pests on
your property, we will help you plan in advance. Before fumigation can begin, all people, pets (even fish), and plants should be removed from the property. Any type of foods or medicines that are not absolutely airtight should be removed from the premises before fumigation can begin

Heat Pumps

Termite Control & Remediation 

(Wood Repair)

Termites can cause extensive damage to your home’s wooden structural supports, siding, and virtually any wooden structure inside or outside the home. If you are looking to eliminate termites from your property, Associated Exterminators is here to help. Through our termite control and remediation services we can help eradicate these pests and fix the damage that has been done to your home.

Termites can live upwards of 20 years — will your home last that long? Call Associated Exterminators to discuss the best way to eliminate termites and repair the damage through our specialized termite remediation services.

Mini-split Systems Mini-split systems

Exterminators Serving Orange County

In serving Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange County, Associated Exterminators helps tackle pest issues such as:

• Termites
• Ants
• Spiders
• Wasps
• Earwigs
• Cockroaches
• Fleas
• Bedbugs
• …and others

Choose a Service Plan… the First Visit is FREE

Associated Exterminators offers three service plans, each geared toward the unique needs of the homeowner or property manager. We would be happy to recommend a plan that best suits your pest control goals. And, when you sign up for a service package, the first visit is absolutely free.

Quarterly (Every 3 Months)

Perfect for homes with minor pest
issues. This plan sees our pest control specialists visit your home every four
months, helping you keep up with seasonal pest changes.

Bi-Monthly (Every 2 Months)


As our most popular plan, this plan brings our specialists to your home six times per year and is simply a great way to stay ahead of the curve in managing pests. This plan is often used to control ants, spiders, crickets, wasps, and other common pests.



This plan is designed for homes, apartments, and residential properties
with ongoing roach, flea, ant, termite, and/or spider issues. This is a great
plan for homes in need of frequent service in order to keep pests to an
absolute minimum.


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